A new and improved build of KelVPN 7.4–2 is now available for download and update!

Feb 27, 2023


We are implementing new features from the development roadmap and are pleased to present KelVPN 7.4–2!

This build contains the client auto-update feature. Now you can update the application without leaving it.

This build also contains news ticker and a notification when new updates are available. This will make it much easier for you to keep your KelVPN up to date.

The new version also includes an FAQ feature.

We also updated the Support bot (https://t.me/kelvpn_tech_support_bot), a link to which you can find in the app. And we added a feedback form on the website (https://kelvpn.com/contact-us).

Download links for the new version of KelVPN:

Windows https://pub.kelvpn.com/windows/master/latest

Linux https://pub.kelvpn.com/linux/master/latest

MacOS https://pub.kelvpn.com/mac/master/latest

Android https://pub.kelvpn.com/android/master/latest




Decentralized VPN based on our blockchain, built on the original CellFrame SDK framework