Advantages of KelVPN. How does the blockchain service work?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a virtual private network used to bypass locks and protect data. The use of such services in our time is becoming necessary. The events of the recent month are a warning. This information vacuum can be avoided with decentralized VPN services.

What are the advantages of VPN on the blockchain?

Dozens of virtual private networks have been developed. Many traditional networks remain vulnerable to third-party attacks due to the use of a centralized server that accumulates user information. VPN on the blockchain, by contrast, gives the chance to surf the Internet confidentially from anywhere in the world despite world prohibitions. This solution is the basis of KelVPN.

KelVPN is a decentralized virtual private network based on Cellframe technology. This service allows using the Internet safely without a central server. All data is moved between nodes and encrypted to the highest Cellframe standards. In addition to confidentiality, the absence of a central server affects bandwidth. Centralized VPN services often have the problem of network quality degradation as users compete for bandwidth on a single server. In KelVPN Cellframe nodes increase bandwidth. In this way, traffic is efficiently routed through the network of nodes for a more streamlined process and higher quality of service.

KelVPN architecture

KelVPN is a synthesis of two chains, Zerochain and Plasma. Each of them can be connected inside to more chains. Each node can serve multiple networks

Zerochain is created on so-called root nodes. In the test network, they are called initial nodes. Zerochain has a linear structure without branches and shards. This chain announces tokens, specifying maximum emissions, limitations on token operations, and other data, and provides information on the modification of these limits and the release of funds on certain purses. In addition, it also indicates that individual network segments are important for all network certificates and possibly other data in the future. Transactions and other data in the zerochain are not available.

Plasma is a directed acyclic graph. That is, a graph in which a transition from a node to a node is possible only in one direction given by an arc, and the nodes are not bound by cycles: every path does not contain the same node twice. It is also segmented and supported by the main nodes by a consensus Proof-Of-Stake. It stores transactions, certificates, and personal data of the user.

Thus, KelVPN has some advantages over traditional VPN services. The decentralized system solves problems of low bandwidth, as well as provides high security of data with minimal chances of hacking.

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Decentralized VPN based on our blockchain, built on the original CellFrame SDK framework