Migration of $KEL BEP-20 and ERC-20 Tokens to New Smart Contracts Launched

Feb 22, 2023


How to migrate tokens:

1. Go to: migrate.kelvpn.com

2. Connect your wallet

3. If necessary, switch network in Metamask to BSC or Ethereum

4. Select the amount of $KEL you want to migrate

5. Click the “Migrate” button

6. Wait for the transaction to complete and click the “Claim” button

7. Get updated tokens instantly

New BEP-20 smart contract address: 0x76E8e912097F0E6b81cab73147161bb616dF1D7d

ERC-20: 0xDA6A3876AD460194Cd7bA28062D838C98Ee2fD1d

Reasons to migrate:

  • It’s easy.
  • You get a bonus for early migration!
  • $KEL token migration is required if you plan to participate in the LP staking program in the future.

The $KEL LP staking program is currently under development. We will announce the launch separately. Follow our updates!

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