The noticeably improved build of KelVPN 7.3–22 is already available for dow

2 min readFeb 6, 2023


Fundamentally new mechanisms have been added to the new KelVPN that greatly improve the service:

▫️A new QML engine has been built, which significantly improved performance on Android smartphones and made the user experience smoother and more responsive.

▫️A new scaling function has been added, conveniently adapting the application to the size of any screen.

Important! If you have installed a version of KelVPN older than 7.2–43 you need to save and reset the serial key, delete the application and install a new build.

KelVPN 7.3 is a fundamentally new version of the service you already know. The following unique features will be available to KelVPN users very soon:

▫️Multi-hop for KelVPN‌: A kind of “double” VPN that passes data through two points, making it almost impossible to trace the user’s path.

▫️noCBD mode for KelVPN. A convenient mode that allows the user to connect a wallet and node to the VPN in order to buy traffic or usage time directly from the service.

…And much more. A new development roadmap is already being prepared for release.

In addition to the already mentioned improvements in KelVPN, you can:

▫️Select and change the country using a convenient list of auto-servers

▫️Choose the server that suits you using the connection quality indicator.

▫️Submit a bug report on an Android smartphone by adding an image from the gallery to the bug report.




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