You can now migrate both old and new $KEL tokens to the CF-20 network

Mar 2, 2023


How it works:

1. Connect your Trust Wallet or Metamask containing BSC or ETH $KEL tokens to the Cellframe Bridge site

2. Enter your Cellframe (Backbone) wallet address

3. Enter the amount of old or new $KEL you want to bridge. You will receive that amount in your Cellframe Network (Backbone) wallet, minus the fee.

4. Track the movement of your funds on the status bar

5. Done!

Migrate your $KEL tokens to the CF-20 standard to participate in the staking program.

Bridge link:

A transaction fee of 0.25% + 200 $KEL will be taken in ETH or BSC $KEL tokens prior to bridging. A 0.0 fee value will be shown in Dashboard. Note: ETH and BSC network gas fees also apply.




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